Alex Adams

aa_biopic[1]Haunting images of a long lost day of decadence where elegance was a daily ritual; These are the images that dominate the imagination of Alex Adams.

Her latest series of Oil paintings explore this world through portraiture and other imagery inspired by romantic figures of history and literature.

Primarily a self taught artist, Alex has been using artwork as a voice for her creative expression for most of her life.

Over the years Alex has worked in various different mediums, in 2006 she started working in Oils. Other mediums which she has done much work in include charcoal, ink, and graphite on paper.

Her heroes in the art world are some of the great masters of painting, Albrecht Dürer, Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci, to these legends she looks up to very much and their art has left a great impression on her. She also enjoys the art of many contemporary artist as well, in general she is an art lover and appreciator. She visits art galleries around the world to see the actual brush strokes of these masters as well Alex has a fascination with the morbid and ironic beauty of old cemetaries and will not pass up the opportunity to visit any that she may come across in her travels.