Bloodline, October 10th, 2009

Bloodline is the title of a Linoleum Block Print By Kurt Wiscombe, we had an opening to release this Limited Edition.

We still have a few of these prints left if you are interested in acquiring one please contact us via E-Mail…

Linoleum Block Printing, is a technique where a relief cut of a design is made into a sheet of Linoleum.
The block is then covered in ink and pressed onto a sheet of print paper, much like a rubber stamp.
Kurt’s latest Linoleum block print “Bloodline”, is his fifth one to date.
The technique used is as much a part of the intended outcome as the art itself, therefore each print (in Kurt’s opinion) is an original work of art.
Each print is printed by hand personally by Kurt and they are all different, the different colors used and the flaws in each piece are what make them unique and this is done intentionally.
Kurt inspects each piece closely to determine if the piece is presentable and will only permit the ones that he feels are the best ones to be sold.
Each piece that Kurt approves is signed by him.

Here are some pictures from the Show…