Filip and Titine Leu, Kurt Wiscombe and Alex Adams, Collaborative Art Show, May 2012

In May 2012 Filip and Titine Leu joined Kurt Wiscombe and Alex Adams in a collaborative art show, held at Skull and Bones gallery, the gallery owned by Kurt Wiscombe and Alex Adams in Winnipeg, Canada.
The idea for this art show started back in October of 2011 when the four of them came up with the idea to create a collaborative body of work during a two week period and then have an opening to present the art which until two weeks previous did not exist!
So with this idea in mind, Filip and Titine, flew to Winnipeg.
From there it all started with a trip to the art supply store. Well supplied and ready to get to work, they set up a makeshift atelier in Kurt and Alex’s 100 year old garage. Over the next ten days, they painted, working in the garage, sometimes outside and when it got cold outside they set up in the house, immersing themselves in the painting process.
They painted night and day right up until the wee hours of the night before the unveiling, managing to squeeze in a couple of breaks one of which was for Filip and Kurt to work on a collaborative tattoo! To say the least, it was an ambitious two weeks for the four of them.
By the end of the ten days they had amassed 23 paintings, mostly acrylic on canvas, some oil on canvas and Kurt and Filip each did four small watercolors on paper.
The night before the unveiling, they went to the gallery at about midnight and hung all the paintings, some of the watercolors had yet to be completed, so after hanging the show they went and completed those and framed them, the next day hanging them in the gallery literally moments before the public arrived to see the works.
Many people come out to see the paintings (some of which were still drying) and to meet and talk to the artists about the unique insights of each piece.
This whirlwind of activity ended as quickly as it had begun with the Leu’s heading back to Switzerland two days later, leaving the art which they helped create to hang in Winnipeg until the end of June, 2012.

Here are some pictures from the show…